Make Yourself At Home 

Make Yourself At Home 


Frequently Asked Questions 

All questions welcome 

We want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions about your dogs stay with us. So for anything you don’t see answered here, please feel free to contact us through the website or our other contact details.

Here though you will find some answers to regularly asked questions. 

Do you accept dogs that are not neutered? 

Female dogs that are not spayed are absolutely not a problem for us to board. Our own male dog is neutered and also shows absolutely no interest in female dogs in that way.

Entire male dogs can still board with us but we will need to know this in advance. Our collie Jet is not spayed. We do track her season very closely however and will advise you of the arrangements we will put in place if your dog is staying with us around those dates. Jet doesn’t stay with us full time as she is my daughters dog so it may be the dates you need are not an issue at all. 

We go through a thorough process before your dog stays with us including a familiarisation trial so we can chat through everything with you then. 

What does the boarding process involve? 

Initial contact - from the moment you make contact I will begin gathering information about you and your dogs needs. 

Familiarisation trial - even if you don’t have dates in mind you can arrange a trial with us. All dogs must at least attend the 2hr FREE familiarisation trial with us. This is to check your dog is comfortable and gets on okay with our own dogs.

The visit will begin by showing you where your dog will be staying and going through the dog information form to check we have all the information. This will be emailed to you in advance to complete and return via email or we can complete on the day. It is important you then leave your dog with us for a little while so we can see how they behave and feedback to you any concerns we might have. 

Our aim is for your dog to have fun and be chilled while with us, so we will do all we can to make that happen. 

Please note - there is no expectation for you to book with us after a trial. If you decide not to, that is absolutely fine. If you have paid a booking deposit it will be refunded in full. 

Booking - dates can only be secured by paying a 50% deposit for your stay. You can pay this deposit to reserve your dates even if you haven’t had your familiarisation trial. 

If your dog then has their trial and you decide not to go ahead with your booking (let us know within 48hrs of the trial date), you will receive a FULL refund. 

Full payment for your dogs stay will be required 14 days before your dog boards with us.

Your dogs stay - In advance of your dogs stay we will agree a time for drop off and collection by you. 

I can also provide a collection and drop off service which is especially handy if you have an early morning flight. I can happily collect from your own home if you have a secure key box etc I can access. 

We ask you to bring all your dogs stuff. It helps for them to have bedding, blankets etc they are familiar with. You will also need to being enough food and treats for your dogs stay. It is always helpful to add a little extra in case you are delayed or make sure the name of your dogs food is on your information form. 

If you have agreed to your dog travelling in my car for walks etc I usually transport them in a secure boot with a dog guard in place. If you would prefer them to be crated or harnessed in the back seat please do include their own equipment when you drop them off. 

I will provide poo bags so you do not need to pack them.

When your dog arrives I will log all their belongings to ensure when it’s time to go home they have everything. 

We will aim to follow your dogs routine including feeding, walks, sleeping and toileting as closely as we can. 

How many dogs will be boarding? 

We can only accept a maximum of 2 additional dogs under our licence conditions.

We will only be boarding your dogs with our own though. Whether you have 1 or 2 booked with us. This is to make sure our focus is on your dog/s fully during their stay. 

Our Golden Retriever is with us full time but our Border Collie is only with us part time as she’s my daughters dog and goes with her.