Make Yourself At Home 

Make Yourself At Home 


Our Location 

Finding us 

Your first visit to us may test your navigation skills. When I say we are rural, we really are lol!!! 

We are on the same farm as Hillycow Wigwams so you can always follow the brown tourist signs to almost get here. The postcode only takes you so far unfortunately. 

After the Leyden Farm turn off, go all the way past the farm and wigwams. You stay on that road until you see a massive beautiful farm yard mural painted on one of the barn sides. Here you take the track down to the left and just past a cluster of trees you will find our house. The second one. 

It is a good idea to add these directions to your phone or write them down as mobile phone reception can be patchy out this way if you need to call me for directions.

If by chance you use what three words app, you can find us at yell.palaces.bookmark 

We do offer a drop off and collection service too after your initial familiarisation trial. 

Make Yourself At Home

2 Leyden Farm Cottages 


EH27 8DQ

Hillycow Wigwam Mural
Hillycow Wigwam Mural